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Looking to add transparency, security, traceability, and efficiency into a business process? Let’s talk.

Blockchain is a proven technology

Blockchain is a proven technology that is being used by organizations big and small to automate processes, reduce redundancies, lower costs and virtually eliminate opportunities for fraud and corruption.

Troon has a scalable team of blockchain developers and specialists who can design end-to-end customized solutions.

We help startups, SMBs, enterprises, and public institutions in the creation of decentralized products built on blockchain technology.

Blockchain is the future, and it’s already here. We’re giving the next generation of developers the tools they need to use it via our "Blockchain Academy."

The Troon Blockchain Startup Roadmap

At the risk of sounding cliché, we’re with you from A to Z. Our team of entrepreneurs, marketers, and developers work with you through every stage of your project.

The Troon blockchain startup roadmap ensures nothing is overlooked while we go from concept to user-ready product launch.

Blockchain roadmap

Troon’s Blockchain Startup Roadmap

Our Steps

Our blueprint includes seven steps:

Prototype Design

From your idea, we gather the goals, market research, and stakeholder insights to bring your vision to fruition. We’ll sketch out the architecture - user groups, logic flow, user journey - and brand - UI/UX strategy and feedback, target market - necessary to draft a meaningful product prototype on ‘paper’.

Functional Prototype

Initial funding in place, Troon will create your minimum viable product (MVP) with the minimum functionality and feature set to satisfy early adopters and tester groups. This allows us to collect the maximum amount of validated learning with the least amount of time or money.

STO Launch

At this point, if a project requires additional funding, Troon assists with a security token offering (STO) for investors. We can digitize your company - including a tokenization strategy, automated business processes, and a federated digital ID - create a complete marketing plan, and even get you listed on a relevant exchange.

Beta Pilot

Securing and onboarding end-user partners, and building out any remaining product functionality, is a crucial step in development. Together, we’ll come up with the communication strategy, systems, and processes, and support systems essential for a successful product and launch.

Testing & Feedback

Often the difference between success and failure, many startups skip it because they lack the experience or knowledge to do it right. Troon can help. We’ll create insightful usability tests, user feedback loops, and exploratory customer interviews to collect test group criticism and reaction essential to optimize and update your product.

Full Product Launch

Final tweaks based on feedback, final marketing plan including brand, communication, and amplification strategies, and any remaining optimization or automation left to be done.

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Looking to add transparency, security, traceability, and efficiency into a business process? Let’s talk.

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