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Software development skills? Check. Brand marketing expertise? Check and then some, with decades of experience in strategy, launching, marketing, and promotion. From complete project management to à la carte services like hosting and maintenance, Troon delivers the latest web, mobile, and cloud technologies you need to grow your business.

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When entrepreneur Billy Shawn had an app idea to revolutionize the consumer event industry, he turned to us for help in bringing it to life. Troon provided the expertise and project management needed to refine his concept, design his website and app, and develop the brand strategy and promotion to give it wings.

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A digital solution to an analog problem, MyHealthyGut provides convenient and data-backed tools to celiacs, those with gluten-intolerance, and anyone else looking to manage and improve their digestive health.

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MS INFoRm is attempting to do nothing less than drastically improve the lives of people with Multiple Sclerosis. Those with MS commonly experience extreme fatigue that negatively impacts their ability to enjoy daily activities, a high quality of life, and employment. MS INFoRm is a radical new approach to actively learn about and manage their fatigue.

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Iron Mom

When as many as 90% of pregnant women are iron deficient, it’s time to reconsider the traditional approach. A team of doctors at St. Michael’s recognized the potential for a digital solution to not only educate expectant mothers on the importance of iron, but also how to manage side effects and speak to their caregiver about any concerns or issues. The Iron Mom app was born from their initial concept and their collaboration with Troon.

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We’re like no digital solution provider you’ve ever worked with before. Built on relationships, our team of entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, and business insiders partner with you to realize your goals and solve your problems. At Troon, we’ve always been about people over profit.

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