Lets Talk Period

First Blood App
Designed in Canada

Dr. Paula James Interview
on CTV About Initiative

Funding Secured by
Troon Healthcare Expert

List of services we provided for this project:

  • Website

  • Funding Strategy

  • Desktop Application

  • Mobile Application

  • Backend Data Management

  • Awareness Strategy


Lets Talk Period


Paula James is a researcher at Queen’s University and is a practicing hematologist for Kingston General Hospital. Paula is one of the best known hematologists in Canada and does a lot of research work on bleeding disorders and has a specific 110+ question survey that she does in a live setting that can qualify if a person has a blood disorder or not. To fund her research she applies for government grants based on past research results. The challenge that Paula has is that she can only perform 6 – 8 live surveys per month which provides her a very small sample size and also takes longer to collect information for her research which delays receiving grants.


Paula had Troon and ICI Medical Communications scope out how we could build her survey online as well create a landing page informing people why they would want to take the survey.


Within the first 5 days of launching Let’s Talk Period there were 1,391 website sessions. Many of these sessions came through their Social Media pages. The end result, resulted in X amount of Self-BATs being completed.

Time: 3 months

Cost: $18,000

Code: Wordpress CMS, PHP Programming


Paula James

Lets Talk Period

Working with Troon Technologies and the ICI Medical Communications team has been fantastic! They bring a wealth of energy and experience to their work, and have custom designed the tools we need.

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