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When it comes to scaling a business, you want to reduce risk and eliminate the hassle as much as possible. Vancouver-based agency Kollectively knows this, and frequently works with Troon to develop websites, custom applications, and mobile apps for its clients. They specialize in brand and marketing strategy while leaving the heavy-lifting of the digital development itself to the experts at Troon. When it was time to create a website for Weevr, they trusted that we could get it done.


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You start small, slowly and diligently building a business. As you grow, you add to your team. That expansion – new skills, ideas, approaches, strengths, and weaknesses – leads to capturing new customers and offering new products or services to existing ones. Repeat.

That’s the traditional roadmap to success, and ideally it’s a smooth journey. But real life is often anything but smooth.

With growth, there is risk. At Troon, we understand this because we’ve personally gone through it.

While we love working with entrepreneurs, startups, and SMBs – providing the digital innovation and solutions needed for the modern business landscape – there’s a special place in our hearts for agencies.

Why? Agencies have to wear many hats. They need to be jacks-of-all-trades. They have to provide everything their clients want, or they’ll find someone else who can. We get that.

But it’s a fine line: hire too few employees with the required talent, and you’ll struggle with workload and deadlines. Too many and profit margins begin to shrink even if you’re taking on new clients.

The solution? Collaboration. Partnerships. Access to the skills you need when you need them, and only when you need them.

At Troon, we’re proud to offer the essential development resources that agencies need to scale with less risk and zero hassle.

If you’re an agency struggling with deliverables, we can help. When demand outweighs supply, we can lighten your load. Let us be your partner.

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Our team includes those with extensive digital marketing and agency experience, programmers, developers, blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, project managers, and more.

If you need it, we have it.

Website development, custom applications, hosting and maintenance, mobile apps, blockchain solutions, and more.

If you’re an agency with a digital demand you can’t meet for whatever reason, Troon is the answer.

We work with agencies of every size and provide a full range of reliable, affordable, top-notch digital services whenever they need them.

Agencies like Kollectively.

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Kollectively & Troon:
Collaborative Partners

Based in Vancouver, Kollectively is a brand and marketing agency that works with clients in a wide range of industries including government, finance, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and many more.

Their bread and butter is brand strategy, market positioning, messaging, and marketing execution, with a team of talented and experienced in-house designers and marketers.

And thanks to their partnership with Troon, they’re also able to provide website development for their customers on an as-needed basis.

Troon is their one-stop white-label development shop. Whenever they need a website or application, Troon works closely with them to deliver on time and on budget. Our working relationship is not a one-way street, either: we frequently use them for branding with some of our more sophisticated clients.

At Kollectively, once they’ve created a branding strategy and designed a website for a client, they hand off the development itself to the team at Troon.

Because we also have experience in branding and design, Troon is able to appreciate the demands and requirements on a deeper level than development agencies without those skill sets.

Our workflows and processes allow for quick turnarounds, and our in-house quality assurance personnel ensure the final product is exactly what they’re expecting: beautiful and flawless.

The end result? A website or application Kollectively is proud to call their own. They have confidence in our work and are able to provide a service for their clients that would otherwise not be on the table.

But that’s not all. Through Troon, Kollectively can offer competitively priced hosting and maintenance packages as a value-added service that keeps their customers thrilled and happy to recommend them to others. And when it came time to develop their own website, Kollectively knew they could trust Troon to deliver. How’s that for a compliment?

We recently had the opportunity to develop the Weevr website in collaboration with Kollectively’s branding and playful, colourful design.

Our own agency experience makes Troon uniquely well positioned to understand the needs of any agency working with us. We speak a common language, and that allows us to provide strategic and creative suggestions in addition to the development work itself.

With Troon Technologies, you pay only for the things you need when you need them. But you always get so much more than you paid for.

Client Feeback

When it’s our name on the line, we need a partner who will not only do high quality work but who will adhere to project timelines and respond quickly to feedback. Troon is all this and more! Plus, their rates allow our agency to be competitive and profitable, something that’s very rare to find in a partner. We trust their sophisticated team to do custom work and animations and can afford to use them on most of our projects. Working with Kerry and her team has been a truly positive experience.


Tiffany Chester
Partner And Senior Strategist, Brand And Marketing | Kollectively

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