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One45 knows a thing or two about purpose-built digital solutions. Their MedEd management platform offers groundbreaking solutions to medical schools around the world. So, when it came time to build a new website – one that looks good and integrates the technology to strategically collect, analyze, and share data – they called Troon. Why?

Beauty & The Beast – A
Website That Looks
Great & Performs Even

One45 is a purpose-built SaaS company that offers groundbreaking solutions to medical schools around the world. Their MedEd management platform provides the operational tools and end-to-end data analytics required to run great programs and train even better doctors.

One45’s business revolves around managing a complex system that looks simple to the eyes of their clients.So, when they decided a new website was in order, they wanted just that:

Beauty and the Beast; a website that not only looked beautiful, but was a high performance engine behind-the-scenes.

They chose to work with Troon because that’s exactly what we do – sophisticated websites made simple. 

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The Challenge

It’s a tale as old as time: One45 needed a new website. But that website couldn’t be a simple WordPress template. They needed a professional, modern, intuitive website that was able to strategically collect, analyze, and share data. They needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate Hubspot forms and lead tracking devices, offer multiple content gateways to visitors,

and support a variety of content mediums.

They had the strategy and requirements figured out, but they needed a partner who could understand their intention and goals, recommend the best technology to employ, and then bring the platform to life.

The Solution

About us

It all started with a meeting: a solution review session where the One45 team downloaded their plan to us at Troon. We asked:

  • What are your goals for the website?
  • What functionality do you need?
  • What information will you be collecting?
  • Where will this information be piped?
  • How do you want the site to feel for your users?
  • What’s the #1 thing you want visitors to know and do?

They shared their big picture plan and detailed requirements. Then our team went to work.

With deep expertise in browser and device customization, technical integrations, data collection, and multiple development languages, we were able to execute the One45 vision – on time and on budget. As a development partner, nothing is too complex for our developers.

Web Development
Hosting and Maintenance

The Result

The website is clean and modern. It offers users a streamlined experience with intuitive navigation, trust-building content, and a variety of ways to engage for more information. The website offers One45 the ability to measure, analyze, and track their visitors and leads. It enables them to share thought leadership content within a strategic, fully-integrated sales and marketing funnel. Ultimately, it allows them to engage and nurture their audience in a meaningful way.

Ultimately, it allows them to engage and nurture their audience in a meaningful way.

The best result? They all lived happily ever after…

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