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Let’s Talk Period – Empowering women to know more about their health through online tools

Hematologist Dr. Paula James knew first-hand how often a bleeding disorder goes undiagnosed, and how rarely women voice concerns around bleeding and their menstrual cycle. She and her colleagues created a self-administered bleeding assessment tool (Self-BAT) to help women self-diagnose abnormal bleeding and get help from their physician. Dr. James needed Troon’s technical and developmental assistance to create a website and social media campaign to deliver resources and assessment tools directly to those who needed them. Troon built the site on the WordPress platform using Javascript and PHP languages with MySQL database. Troon embedded a digital algorithm that allowed many users to access the Self-BAT who may not have been able to if it weren’t for this tool.

The Let’s Talk Period website has since racked up thousands of unique visitors from over 80 different countries. The Self-BAT has been completed thousands of times, with hundreds of women diagnosed and treated that otherwise may not have. Dr. James continues to work with Troon as she tweaks and polishes the platform.

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