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Website Splash Page Design
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List of services we provided for this project:

  • Yii PHP Framework

  • Product Management

  • Brand Strategy

  • Content

  • SEO

  • Maintenance & Support


Knowledge Share United


KSU was looking to build an ‘on-demand’ learning management system where thought leaders from a company could create and upload relevant training videos and materials from the field.


We engineered a video based Learning Management capable of exporting Scorm Compliant lessons. This compliant solution and multi-tentant cloud application possesses an intricate taxonmy and filtering system that solves the challenges involved with LMS systems that have a great deal of data and users to manage.


Launched the Alpha version and secured a pilot agreement with one of the worlds largest LMS companies. Also, as a result of or Client leveraging the benefits of our ‘Hire a Developer’ program the company was able to build this Alpha and Beta version of the product at 1 quarter of the cost of the market value. Troon’s customized ‘Hire a Developer’ program was responsible for this savings.

Time: 5 months

Cost: $30,000

Code: Yii PHP Framework - SQL db

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