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Custom Reporting for
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CRM Integration with
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List of services we provided for this project:

  • Yii PHP Framework

  • Data Migration

  • Outlook Calendar Integration

  • Maintenance & Support




The small business development center SBDC (a division of KEDCO) has 3 business advisors that work for the organization and had the difficulty of maintaining and updating a customer database of small business owners (over 750 new contacts per year) in a Google Spreadsheet. Specifically each customer has unique needs and would meet with a business advisor on a regular basis (no more than once a month). All the meeting information is collected on a monthly basis and inputed into the spreadsheet which lead to inaccuracies and a large amount of inefficiencies.


The creation of a complete custom CRM solution that creates reports in real time for the Ministries. Functionality included an embedded calendar that synchronized with an their internal MS Outlook email server. Lastly, a HTML5 mobile interface was created so that when business advisors were on the road they could connect and query the KEDCO CRM as well set up calendar events.


The Anticipated Result: It is anticipated that the SBDC team will reduce their workload by a total of 8 – 10 hours.

Time: 5 months

Cost: $12,000

Code: Yii PHP Framework

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