ICI Communications

1st Virtual Ad Board for Astra Zeneca

Custom designed dynamic infographic

Troon healthcare expert consultation

List of services we provided for this project:

  • Deisgn & Development

  • Infographic design

  • Survey application development

  • Maintenance and support


ICI Communications


The Brillinta Brand team were struggling to collect better information before and after live advisory boards.


A simple self-serve virutal portal that would allow the physician advisory board member to access anytime and anywhere to read material pertaining to the live advisory board as well as provide feedback via a survey.


Increased engagement of the audience in the form of better discussions, having a forum to get their point across and a place for everyone to see what other members are saying about a particular study or trial.

Time: 4 months

Cost: $18,000

Code: Yii PHP Framework - SQL db

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