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List of services we provided for this project:

  • Yii PHP Framework

  • Product Management

  • Data Migration

  • Maintenance & Support


Fitton Center


Fitton Center has several rooms in their building complex that they rent out for events which they manage through a manual process in an Excel document for booking, staffing and general resourcing. This manual system is very time intensive and inaccurate to manage causing a limitation in the amount of Events they could offer


Re-create the current excel file (P&L Statement and Invoice.xls) into a workable application that is capable of creating and producing individual P&L statements. These statements would be stored into the database as individual records which can be updated as needed


The results were extremely successful as we were able to digitize hundreds of file folders into a complete customized cloud application. The Fitton event app was engineered to provide a complete managment solution capable of communicating event details to external 3rd party providers as well as distributing all financial data to internal stakeholders. This solution has greatly reduced the pressure of manually managing hundreds of complex events.

Time: 3 months

Cost: $14,000

Code: Yii PHP Framework - SQL db

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