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When entrepreneur Billy Shawn had an app idea to revolutionize the consumer event industry, he turned to us for help in bringing it to life.

As an experienced solopreneur, Billy already had a lot sketched out when he came to Troon, including preliminary wireframes, a strong sense of the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) he wanted for the project, and a rough idea of the software requirements. We came aboard as a de facto business partner for the duration of planning, building, launching, and promotion.

RoleContent creation, Brand strategy, UI/UX Design, Product management, Maintenance & support, SEO

Billy’s idea was a first-of-its-kind, online marketplace that brings event vendors and customers together in one convenient place. He wanted to turn the industry on its head and make what was once too often chaotic and frustrating into something simple and fun.

A wide variety of ingenious “Party in a Box”™ packages and talented planners let you delegate the entire task to someone else, while the hundreds of vendors and entertainers on one central calendar allow the do-it-yourself crowd to build and book their perfect party or event.

It was poised to become the future of event planning…if he could bring it all together.

See It In Live Action


Billy had struck gold with a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that idea that was marketplace tested and had the potential to be a genuine gamechanger.

But the logistics of doing everything was more than he could reasonably expect to do on his own. He needed a team to build it.

He needed Troon.

The Solution

Eventspot Consumer Portal

Working in close collaboration with Billy, Troon was able to deliver a real-life marketplace app development experience that evolved with the changing project parameters.

Troon provided the expertise and project management needed to refine his concept, design his website, app, and intuitive UX/UI, build the consumer and vendor logic flow and develop the brand strategy and promotion to give it wings.

Eventspot Vendor Portal

This allowed Billy to focus on other elements of the project, including copywriting, product management, feedback, go-to-market strategy, and attracting vendors and venues to the platform.

The solution? Partnership. Collaboration. Delegation. The right task to the right individual.

In short, Troon. With our experienced team of entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, and designers, we provide Billy with content, SEO, maintenance and support, product management, and the Yii PHP framework in addition to “just” building with application.

Content Creation
Brand Strategy
UI/UX Design
Product Management
Maintenance & Support


The soft launch for vendor sign up was met with enthusiasm and positive reaction.

The soft launch for vendor sign up was met with enthusiasm and positive reaction.

Billy Shawn is a serial entrepreneur who brings a lot to the table when he has an idea and needs some outside help.

Troon is happy to oblige, but we’re equally thrilled to work with someone with nothing but a concept.

Know a lot or know a little, Troon can fill in the gaps.

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