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Days Roads Dental

UI/UX Design Development SEO

Everyone agreed: this successful dental clinic needed a new website. They wanted an online presence that would educate, engage, and put a smile on the faces of their patients and prospects but could they afford it with their modest budget?

Going For Gold

This once-mighty website had fallen out of date – and out of step – with the amazing environment patients had come to expect within their four walls.The team at Days Road Dental work tirelessly to create a clinic that’s hands-down the best choice in their community.

But their website wasn’t carrying the torch. They needed a new digital solution, one that would educate, engage, and put a smile on the faces of their patients and prospects.

See It In Live Action

The Challenge

Their existing website had not been properly maintained in years. There was some outdated information, broken images, and simply not enough information to help prospective patients get to know their team, their approach to dentistry, or their amazing clinic culture. They knew many prospective patients feel nervous about finding a new dentist and that others were confused about their location (and kept showing up to their competitor next door!).

They wanted a gold-medal website that felt like home. One that

featured their people, their clinic space, and extended their hospitality through the internet. They wanted a website that cleared up any ambiguity, apprehension, or confusion. They had a clear idea of what they wanted and needed but there was one big problem – a small budget.

The Days Road team were convinced they’d have to give something up – was there no way to get a professional website at the price a small business could afford?

The Solution

Why Days Road?
First Visit
Useful Information

Enter Team Troon. We’ve
been training for this event
for years!

Templated Design:

We researched and recommended a healthcare design template that had everything the Days Road team had hoped for. While “templated website” may sound like a dirty word, it’s actually an incredible way to work within smaller budgets.

Client Copy:

To save funds, a lucky Days Road employee tackled the site copy (and had some fun while she was at it!)

Real-Life Images:

All images on the site are real pictures of the real staff at Days Road Dental and clinic. This not only saved costs for stock imagery, it brought their team and culture to life!

Web Development

The Result

Their new website is the digital equivalent of a “million dollar smile!” It looks professional, approachable, and authentic. It contains all of the information a prospective patient would need to know to make a decision, book an appointment, and feel good about going to the dentist.The site is beautiful, intuitive, and reliable. It looks perfect on mobile devices, performs well in search engines, and is something the Days Road team can be proud of. A small budget doesn’t mean a mediocre website.

With the right partner, a good brief, and some creative thinking, small businesses around the world can compete online with their big budget rivals. A true victory!

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