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Is a website important in the modern world? Absolutely. Will any old site do? Absolutely not. Your website is often the first interaction between your brand and a potential client or customer. It must reflect the image you want to project, whether that be professional, fun, innovative, authoritative, down-to-earth, or anything else. When it doesn’t, you’re either losing leads before you have them or setting those leads up to be disappointed later. When The Canadian Concrete Pipe and Precast Association recognized that their website was falling short. It simply did not reflect their overall goals, desired image, or level of professionalism. Troon provided the redesign, refresh, and renovation that it needed.

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Redefining the Web

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: you need a website, regardless of your size or industry.

Retail, manufacturing, advocacy, charity, finance, real estate, education, entertainment, food and beverage, finance, travel, and on and on. Whether you’re an SMB or an enterprise-level corporation, your website is your digital calling card to the world:

Statistics like these make two things very clear: 1) You need a website (yes, you), and 2) it needs to be fast, attractive, and modern.

A slow, clunky, antiquated-looking site arguably does more harm than not having one at all. If you have one, you need to at least periodically reevaluate it. Like a physical home or office, your digital address will need to be refreshed and renovated from time to time. Recognize that, and you’re ahead of the curve.

The Canadian Concrete Pipe and Precast Association (CCPPA) was founded in 2013 as an organization focused on knowledge and education, and a mission to protect and advance the industry.

The Canadian Concrete Pipe & Precast Association delivers leadership on policy and education to ensure appropriate standards and specifications for resilient underground civil infrastructure.

They provide resources, plant tours, informational “Lunch and Learn” seminars, plant certification, and more.

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The Challenge

CCPPA knew it was time to revisit their website. Still being relatively new, it simply had not been prioritized over the years, and did not reflect the association’s overall goals or desired image.

Its existing website suffered from poor organization that made information-gathering difficult. As a not-for-profit invested in establishing itself as an authority in precast concrete, this was both problematic and unacceptable.

Likewise, the website’s aesthetics did not accurately reflect the level of professionalism found at CCPPA. It looked outdated and in need of a good polish.

Together, these issues contributed to a less-than-ideal user experience impacted by poor web design, ineffective organization, and information overload that had a negative effect on perceived expertise and brand equity.

Something had to be done.

The Solution

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Troon Technologies to the rescue.

The CCPPA contacted us to perform a top-to-bottom website overhaul.

The website needed to provide an aesthetically-pleasing experience that met CCPPA user and shareholder expectations.


Troon took the lead in planning this redesign through a multi-stage process of discovery, planning, and implementation.

The discovery stage is the first pivotal step in the Troon process for either a custom-build or refresh. We can only deliver exactly what a client wants when we have that discussion before anything else is done.

The redesign began with deep analysis to understand their target market, including its goals, pain points, and type of content most useful to it:

  • What were the organization’s goals?
  • Who was their target audience?
  • What were their biggest priorities for their new website?

Unique to this assessment was a review of the CCPPA’s extensive content assets for accuracy and relevancy. It revealed a large repository of unused, high-quality images that could instead be incorporated throughout the site, adding visual anchors to support the text and increase the aesthetic appeal of the overall site.

This research was the foundation of Troon’s project roadmap, and that roadmap led to a detailed plan, and that plan allowed for the careful implementation of the development strategy.

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The Results

A complete revamp with a clean, modern design, a clear navigational hierarchy, and high quality images throughout. A site that finally reflected the authority and expertise of the CCPPA itself.

Troon cultivated enhanced exposure for CCPPA’s high-value marketing materials by repurposing existing content assets, including the creation of an e-magazine version of its “Concrete Pipe Journal” newsletter.

Strategic incorporation of eye-catching imagery helped create an aesthetic that kept users engaged and focused on the CCPPA’s message.

Finally, the updated content platform was easier to use by CCPPA’s internal team and made it simpler to update content and web layouts over time.

This provides self sufficiency and the ability to keep the website fresh, current, and professional today and tomorrow.

At Troon, we know brand marketing, design, and development. The CCPPA trusted us to take their website into the 21st century.

And so can you.

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