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When your business is literally built upon your content, you had better ensure it’s easily accessible, convenient to find, and well organized. When a well-placed testimonial from a user can do more than a paid ad ever will, you had better make sure those quotes are strategically located and highlighted. Castle Learning provides resources and tools for teachers, students, and parents. Its existing website wasn’t checking those boxes identified by Troon during the discovery phase. So we revamped the site from top to bottom and hit those targets for them.


The Power of

You’ve got a quality product or service. You’ve done your market research, collected feedback, and used that data to better inform your decisions. That’s all great, but if you’re not getting it out there properly, none of it matters.

Marketing is, obviously, just as important as the price and product itself. And as a savvy business owner or entrepreneur, you know this. You’re already leveraging the power of social media and the internet, optimizing for search, and spreading awareness of your brand any way you can.

But if you’re not prioritizing word-of-mouth (WOM), you’re not using every tool at your disposal. Why? Because we’ve all become at least a little jaded and cynical when it comes to advertising, sponsored posts, pop-up ads, and every other kind of marketing we see every single day.

But not word-of-mouth:

Word-of-mouth can come in many formats, including informal chats, written reviews, a tweet or Facebook post, answering a question…

And testimonials.

Having a modern, clean, and intuitive website is a must for 2019 and beyond. And sharing glowing reviews and testimonials on that site is your best bet for generating interest, leads, and awareness.

Castle Learning has been helping schools, teachers, administrators, parents, and students for over 30 years. Their comprehensive instructional support platform helps teachers be more effective and efficient while helping students achieve their true academic potential.

“Castle Learning strives to provide high-quality content, authored by educators, so that you can focus your efforts on helping your students achieve academic success”.

But after more than three decades, you can be sure they’ve seen a lot of change.

The Challenge

Their website was no exception. 

It feels like technology moves at the speed of light. What was innovative and leading-edge today is often antiquated and obsolete by tomorrow. 

Castle Learning recognized that their website needed an upgrade. A redesign. It needed to reflect the professionalism and quality of their service, and they felt it no longer did that as well as it could.

So they came to Troon. 

In addition to the ‘usual’ challenges that come with updating a website, Troon had to deal with the mountain of content on the platform. Their content library includes 150,000+ questions on dozens of topics for courses at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, as well as other resources for SAT/ACT prep, GradeCam, and PhysEd. 

With numbers like that, the site needed a strong, intuitive organizational hierarchy to ensure students and teachers could quickly and easily find exactly what they needed when they needed it.

The Solution

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As always, Troon started with the pivotal discovery sessions. We need a keen understanding of goals and desired outcomes before we begin any project.


  • What were the organization’s goals?
  • Who was their target audience?
  • What were their biggest priorities for their new website?

Collaborating with Castle, we conducted a thorough content review of their assets, improved user flow mapping, and organized material by topic, course, and grade level for easier access. 

We polished the site aesthetics to give it the modern and visually-stunning interface users have come to expect from a professional association or business.

In the course of our inventory review, Troon discovered a relatively hidden page with spectacular, glowing reviews and testimonials from teachers, students, and parents alike.

Word-of-mouth assets like that deserve a spotlight. Front-page coverage. They shouldn’t be tucked away in some dark corner. 

We had our anchor.

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The Results

Troon and Castle decided to make those brilliant testimonials the foundational anchor for the entire site. Instead of residing on a single page, they would be sprinkled throughout and featured on various pages. 

A refreshed design, enhanced user flow, UI, and UX, and a showcase on the platform’s efficacy via testimonials put Castle Learning in the best possible light. The key placement of pulled quotes from other teachers, other students, and other parents resonated with their target demographics. 

Organic word-of-mouth – be it reviews, recommendations, or testimonials – is invaluable. If you have it, you should flaunt it. And if you don’t have it, you need to actively work towards getting it. 

Castle Learning had it in spades on account of their years of excellent service. It just wasn’t being leveraged properly. 

It is now. 


The new-and-improved site shares concrete evidence of student learning improvement and ease of adoption via those testimonials, while the updated organizational structure showcases their stellar content library.

And those are just what teachers, parents, and students want to see when deciding whether Castle is the right solution for them. 

What do your targets need to see, and how can we help place it front and center? 

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