Our Process is based on a simple motto,

Success is never owned; it is only rented – and the rent is due every day

First, we work to understand your needs and goals. Then, we create a unique success strategy to make your dream a reality. Once the vision is clear, we execute, quickly and precisely. And we do that every day, because that is what creates success. In other words — that’s what pays the rent!

To be as efficient and economic as possible, we work in a structured fashion. We collaborate with you. Then we plan the process of development. Finally, when you have approved the plan, we execute. At all times, our process is transparent to you.


  • Review your business goals
  • Determine how your new application will contribute to those goals
  • Agree on what makes you different/better than your competition
  • Get to know what makes your customer tick
  • Isolate the tactics that work best for your business


  • Wireframe: Draw a sketch of the application.
  • Architecture: Map how the application will flow and populate the database.
  • User experience (UX): Plan out how users will best use the application.
  • Timeline: Put together a plan to meet key milestones.
  • Brief: Create a document that will describe all aspects of the plan.


  • Set up and configure the database
  • Design the application user interface (UI)
  • Develop the application – code it on a secure demo site
  • Internal QA & Testing
  • External QA & Testing
  • Launch the application

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