When you're surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible. Howard Schultz


Troon Champions:

  • Eliminating waste and increasing efficiency,
  • Constant analysis and measurement,
  • Team building to embrace change,
  • Accelerated development and turnaround,
  • Never losing sight of the big picture

Being lean keeps Troon up to date and always up for a new challenge. That means faster turnaround time and less frustration for you.


Flexibility is not just touching our heels with the back of our head. Flexibility is fitting in with your needs, your culture, your goals. We are a distributed company. We ramp up quickly and resource efficiently to provide the solutions you require. You need the project managed and delivered from start to finish — great! You need experts to fill in the gaps — Troon’s your one-stop shop. We flex to fit your needs, and your goals.


When we say conscious we mean two things – conscious of our clients, conscious of corporate social responsibility. Troon believes both are mutual. Respect for each other, the planet, making the right choices — that is always at the heart of how Troon operates.

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