From my perspective the Big 3 (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) coming to Toronto is excellent news for the Canadian tech industry. Not only will it create jobs, but perhaps more importantly, it will bring more awareness of technology as a career path to the younger generation.
In San Francisco, technology is a full ecosystem of jobs ranging from creative, to project management, development and new management techniques. These large companies also bring with them new ideas of how to run a business or run departments where cooperation and open communication is well received. It is not uncommon to have employees work from home, bring their pet to the office or meditate during the middle of the day. Gone are the days of cubicles and stuffy 9 to 5 offices – flexible, innovative approaches to productive work environments resonates with younger generations and will attract fresh talent.

The tech industry needs younger generations to contribute new ideas around products or services. The success of technology and innovation are reliant on a diverse, flexible and inclusive business mindset that the younger generation recognizes and will be drawn to.