Jeff Neasmith

If you’re looking for some inspiration, advice, or just a new reading list, The Top 40 Blogs for Entrepreneurs has some excellent recommendations. My favorites from this list are:

  • #3 – Guy Kawasaki’s career is steeped in technology and business. From working for Apple, to starting his own companies/organizations, to brand ambassador for Mercedes Benz USA, Guy’s blog reflects his experience with cutting edge trends and insight from someone who has seen and done it all.
  • #8 – Steve Blank not only knows technology, he’s a ‘lean start-up’ guru. Having founded a long list of successful companies, Steve offers valuable resources for start-ups that reflect his 40 years’ of success and learning.
  • #10 – The 4 Hour Work Week has been a groundbreaking concept that challenges the traditional 9-5 workspace. Tim Ferriss helps you uncover your productivity potential, leaving you more time for life.
  • #34 – Duct Tape Marketing offers an excellent blog for small businesses that is chock full of trends, tips and advice for marketing.

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The Top 40 Blogs for Entrepreneurs

March 20, 2018