It’s not easy to change from a face-to-face culture to a head-shot ready Zoom environment. As Troon’s president Kerry Fraser admits, “When I started at Troon, I hadn’t previously used a lot of video conferencing and I found it very distracting at first. Especially seeing my own face, which on occasion was also disappointing!” We have all had thousands of conversations in our lives, but none where we could also simultaneously watch ourselves speaking. It can be jarring, but it’s amazing how quickly remote teams adapt. Here’s a simple tip from one of our founders, Jeff Neasmith, to make life a little easier, “A productivity hack for newcomers would be to have two computer screens where you can take notes while you are on the other screen using the web conference software.”

And if you’ve started to feel really comfortable as a talking head that’s great. However, you may want to lower that stand-up desk and sit down, because there is so much more heading our way. Harvard Business Review has a great article outlining the next generation of tools, not to mention some cool new words coming to town. What’s the workday like when “Mixed Reality Technologies” with multidimensional “collaboratories” come into play?