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Developing a reward system for blockchain nodes

David Moss, the co-founder and CEO of StrongBlock, understood that the blockchain ecosystem consisted of two elements: miners and nodes. Miners are rewarded for verifying new transactions and creating blocks to record them on the blockchain. Nodes contain the transaction record and transmit, relay and store decentralized blockchain data. Historically there has been no system to provide rewards to nodes, resulting in less than dependable performance as nodes run out-of-date software or are intermittently off-line. Moss asked Troon to fix that, and help create a platform where nodes could be rewarded for supporting the infrastructure of the blockchain.

Troon was brought in to consult and lead the exchange of the Strong token from one network to another. Specifically, this is described as building web 3.0 bridges. To date, we’ve consulted and built bridges from Ethereum to Defi chain Fantom ( and Ethereum to two major crypto exchanges Huobi and the Binance Smart Chaintoken. Additional work includes key storage, wallet management, profile linking, transaction management and more!

In addition, Troon developers competed in the Moralis hackathon on behalf of Strongblock. Moralis is a new web 3.0 product run by Ivan on Tech a well known leader in the space.

Today, StrongBlock is the first and only decentralized blockchain platform to reward nodes. Thanks to Troon, they have also made it possible for anyone to create or add a node in seconds (without technical expertise) and earn STRONG governance tokens per block.


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