As an entrepreneur, you’re full of amazing ideas and vibrant energy that inspires those around you. However,  ideas and energy are Part 1 of a complex equation; the other part requires sound business, technological and intuitive social savvy to grow a successful business.

I’ve put together my personal, Top 10 Reads for Entrepreneurs list for those of you looking fact-based information and/or actionable strategies to manifest your entrepreneurial ideas into a more enduring business platform.

Top 10 Reads (and Listens) for Entrepreneurs

Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance said, “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

Here are my recommendations for reads and listens that will help you and your company make ideas happen.

The Top 5

1) The Inevitable

The “inevitable” reality is that no startup is successful without understanding – and leveraging – the technology required for brand recognition/development, to engage with customers/prospects and to run a tighter, more efficient business in every way. The Inevitable sheds insight on 12 technological forces that will shape our lives.

2) The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed

Here’s an inspiring one: Bill Gross is fascinated about why certain startups succeed, when others don’t. In this TED Talk, he discusses what he’s learned about the single, (surprising) reason why (Hint: It’s not the idea, the team or the business model…).

3) The Lean Startup

Tired of hearing about how “most startups fail…” statistics? Author Eric Ries uses science-based evidence to teach entrepreneurs how to continuously test their vision so they can adapt and adjust before business failure gets the best of them.

4) To Sell is Human

Author Daniel H. Pink will change the way you think about yourself and your employees, reminding you that we are all salespeople of a sort. To Sell is Human provides a fresh way to view sales – focusing on how we emotionally move people (and are moved by them). Pink uses sociology to scaffold counterintuitive insights regarding best sales methodologies.

5) First, Break All the Rules

“Standard management rules don’t work anymore,” is the theme Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman hone in on as they take you into the minds and processes of the world’s greatest and most effective business managers.

Honorable Mentions

6) The Power of Habit

Changing just one seeming-small, daily habit – can have remarkable effects on our lives. In, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg explores real-life examples, including gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps, Proctor & Gamble, Target and others, illustrating the simple act of understanding how habits work creates revolutionary companies, powerful social movements and marked personal success(es).

7) Sapiens

In a “brief history of humankind,” Yuval Nora Horari historically, scientifically and even humorously lays out how six species of humans were whittled down to just one over the course of about 100,000 years. Sapiens also provides great insight as to who we are as a species.

Other Awesome Reads

8) Tim Ferris Blog

Sure, he’s touted by the likes of Fast Company and Fortune, and has even been called “the Oprah of Podcasts,” but I like Tim Ferris’s podcasts and blogs because he brings practical, direct and entertaining approaches to life as we know it in the business – and personal – realms. His podcast consistently rates #1 for business podcasts on iTunes.

10) The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence

This post by Tim Urban, written two-years ago, is as relevant today as it was then. The post explains how important it is for all of us – most especially entrepreneurs (my words, not Tim’s) – to realize how rapidly technological innovation and AI are changing the future – at a pace that’s, ultimately, impossible to comprehend. Then, Urban goes on to outline the different types of AI and how they impact our lives – very enlightening for those of us who aren’t AI experts ourselves.

These Top 10 Reads helped me to better understand – and develop – my entrepreneurial business acumen. Have any of these piqued your interest? Do you have your own Top Reads or Listens that inspired you to make a difference in the world, even if it’s a small one?. I’d love to hear your feedback and recommendations.