Ten years ago, our two technophile founders, Paul and Mehboob, well, found each other. They bonded over the usual things: blockchain protocols, system requirements, and javascript technologies.

Working on their first project together, Paul hears roosters. In a commitment to delivering success, Mehboob had climbed the roof of the nearest house for a better connection, and worked through the wee hours to help his business partner and friend.

That’s how you build a connection. That’s how you build a relationship. And that’s how a company rooted in a passion for technology, a commitment to service, and a dedication to true partnership is born.

Today, we’re a global team fueled by technology’s potential to advance innovations and benefit lives.

How we contribute

A strong belief in social entrepreneurship and a passion to create positive social change is core to who Troon is.

These values, combined with our strong ties to Pakistan, led to the creation of the Troon Academy, a learning centre that offers apprenticeships, lodging and flexible curriculum to residents of Pakistan. Since launch, the Academy has [insert impact statement].

In 2018, we co-founded the Centre for Indigenous Innovation and Technology. CIIT’s mission is to address the underrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in the technology and innovation sectors. As a partner, we are working with CIIT to ensure the technology sector is meaningfully engaged in reconciliation and creating space for diversity in the workforce.

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