Non fungible token

What the NFT?!


“This is like the early internet days all over again. [NFTs and blockchain tech are] going to be huge.” Mark Cuban

Full Stack NFT Solutions provider

NFT’s are transforming business models and creating new markets. From digital works of art, video and tweets to collectibles, Non Fungible Tokens have unlimited potential. To date, millions of dollars have been exchanged and industries are being revolutionized.

Troon can help you launch the next NFT platform, for any asset that can be tokenized. If you’ve got an idea, we’ve got the team of experts to bring your vision to life.

Our NFT Services

From marketplace to minting, display to data aggregations, cross-chain bridges to token modelling, Troon is an end-to-end, blockchain agnostic NFT development partner. Whether you need an NFT app or a marketplace – we can help you with:

Platform evaluation
Token modelling
Bridge creation
Attribute evaluation
Payment Gateway integration
Wallet selection
Data algorithm creation

We’ve built ground-breaking NFT
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