Canadian agencies Naked Creative Consultancy and Troon Technologies partner-up to bring philanthropist Frank Giustra and Kimbal Musk’s North American movement to life.

MARCH 15, 2021 – Big Green and Modern Farmer today announced the launch of the Million Gardens Movement, a charitable food initiative, that will officially kick off on Plant a Seed Day, March 20th. Set in the backdrop of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Million Gardens Movement is aimed to inspire a happier and healthier world by educating and empowering millions of people to grow their own food while also tackling issues of food insecurity.

According to the  Kaiser Family Foundation, 1 in 4 families in the U.S. in 2020 have faced issues with not knowing where their next healthy meal is coming from. Publisher of Modern Farmer, Frank Giustra and Founder of Big Green, Kimbal Musk and are committing their teams, networks and personal resources to support the Million Gardens Movement so that every family in North America will have the opportunity to grow their own food, whether it’s in a backyard or windowsill. The pair are united in the belief that the small act of planting food has the power to benefit people, communities and the world.

Launching on the first day of spring, is an open community resource designed by Toronto-based, independent agency Naked Creative Consultancy and built by custom software development partner, Troon Technologies with how-to garden advice for the first-time growers to expert gardeners and other online resources to share the triumphs and troubles of growing food.

“We’re beyond thrilled to work with Modern Farmer, Big Green and Troon Technologies on the Million Gardens Movement and to be a part of something that’s so important. Food has always been central to our culture at Naked – so much so that we produced our own cookbook in 2019, and so to play a key role in creating awareness and a deeper understanding and connection to home-grown, sustainable goodness is a real honour,” said Laura Mahon, Director of Content, Production & Digital at Naked Creative Consultancy. “Both the teams at Naked Creative Consultancy and Troon Technologies will be joining the movement and planting this week and we encourage newbs and seasoned gardeners around Canada to join us!” 

Giustra and Musk have recruited some of the world’s most recognized faces to join them in helping launch the movement and inspire millions to garden: film and TV actors Harrison Ford, Zooey Deschanel, and Salma Hayek along with Jonathan Scott of the Property Brothers, Grammy Award winning music artist and actress EVE, singer and TV host Nicole Scherzinger, musician Aloe Blacc, model Maye Musk, and internet sensations Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson are supporting the cause by getting their hands dirty to garden and spread the word to their millions of fans and followers. Collectively these influencers are lending their name to this movement to inspire millions of people to grow their own food with the shared belief that gardening has a transformational power to fight hunger, support climate action, and increase resilience.

“We are building a community of people who love gardening – whether you tend an acre or have a lone pot on your fire escape, the Million Gardens Movement is creating a culture shift around gardening and the value of growing your own food,” said Frank Giusta, Co-Founder of Million Gardens Movement and Owner and Publisher of Modern Farmer. “We’re breaking down barriers by showing how simple it is to grow fruits, herbs, and vegetables.”

“The Million Gardens Movement is about reconnecting us to our roots, to real food, and to a path to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. We want to inspire families across America — and the globe — to experience the magic of growing their own food,” said Kimbal Musk, Co-Founder of Million Gardens Movement and Executive Chairman of Big Green. “We can all have an incredible impact on the health and happiness of current and future generations by gardening more at home, school, and in our community.”

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