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Healthcare Innovation

We are trusted leaders in software development for healthcare, creating a positive impact for patients,
clinicians and healthcare clients.

Digital solutions for Healthcare

We’re passionate about healthcare and love problem-solving and solution mapping in the complex space where
healthcare and technology intersect. We’ve delivered digital solutions for healthcare providers, pharma, researchers,
innovators, consultants and digital health startups.

We have the expertise to develop complex integrated healthcare applications such as telemedicine applications,
remote healthcare delivery systems, digital therapeutics, healthcare algorithm creation, digitized research portals,
and physician/KOL engagement and education portals.

Our senior leadership team has deep expertise in both healthcare and technology. Together with our experienced
designers and developers, we can operationalize your goals and prescribe the right technology to implement your

Healthcare services

We’ve worked with a multitude of healthcare clients on innovative digital solutions. Here’s how we can help:

Product strategy

Bring healthcare projects to life with emerging technologies, while ensuring a seamless user experience across all digital touchpoints.

Connected Health

Map remote monitoring solutions, mobile applications, and cloud service elements for your custom solution.

Digital Therapeutics

Create cloud-based, customizable care management solutions leveraging mobile and machine learning technologies.

Data Management

Give care providers access to critical patient data via interoperability and impeccable communication. Improve overall patient care, and better understand options for care. Enable the analysis of valuable insights.

Data Privacy and Security

A comprehensive approach to ensure protected health information (PHI) privacy, security and regulations.

Regulatory Compliance

From PHIPA, HIPAA, PIPEDA to Meaningful Use and more, we can design, develop and test your solutions to meet regulatory requirements.

Our stakeholders

Troon is trusted by stakeholders from all sides of the healthcare industry. We work with industry leaders, as well as tomorrow’s innovators. Here are just a few of the brands who have engaged us.

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