Blockchain Developer


This role is a developer role, with the responsibility to develop and configure blockchain solutions. The role responsibilities include writing backend solution code development (C++/Node.js/GoLang), smart contracts for blockchain, deploying and configuring the supporting blockchain platform and network, and creating platform management and operations automation components, critical to ensure secure and cost-efficient operation. This role may require working with clients, partners and blockchain consortia to deliver blockchain platform technology and solutions. The developer must be familiar with continuous integration, deployment, test, and troubleshoot their code in a cloud environment.

Job Requirements & Qualification:

  • 3+ years of experience Node.js, GoLang, Kubernetes, Docker, Git, REST APIs.
  • Strong experience in one or more of the following languages for backend development: Go, NodeJS, TypeScript, Java, C++, C#, and/or Scala.
  • Experience in designing and building scalable, fault-tolerant, and secure distributed systems.
  • Familiarity with cryptography.
  • Strong working knowledge of public blockchains.
  • Understand complex data structures and algorithms.

Full Time





E-92 1/A, Block E Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab

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