Blockchain Development

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Our World is Distributed

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies are being used by organizations big and small to automate processes, reduce redundancies, lower costs and virtually eliminate opportunities for fraud and corruption.

Troon has a team of blockchain developers and specialists who can design end-to-end customized solutions. Our team has extensive experience building Apps across numerous distributed ledger technologies. We’ve built a range of Apps for financial services, government, corporate services and startups revolutionizing collectables.

Decentralized Systems are Transforming Industries

The use cases for a transparent, verifiable register of transaction data are practically endless. Whether you require a public or private architecture we’ll make sure your business needs are met.
Our team of software engineers leverage their deep knowledge of web, database, and distributed systems development to design blockchain protocols, plan for adversarial incentives, and test assumptions. Expanding on that foundation, they create immutable, provable, auditable ledgers, which are the building blocks of all blockchain solutions.

Our Blockchain Development

From tokens to automated business process and beyond, our blockchain experts can help you with:

Blockchain bridges
App development
Digital identity
Smart contracts
Token on-ramp and

Looking for an end-to-end blockchain development team to bring your project to life?

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