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A Tech Company Should Care About More Than Just Tech

Can a tech company be on the leading edge of digital innovation and still care about people and positive social change? We think so.

When Paul Dube, Mehboob, and David Mancuso founded Troon Technologies, it was built on a mutual love of conscious entrepreneurship and a passion for people.

And all while building really cool digital stuff.

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Troon Academy

Here’s the harsh reality: anyone can start an outsourcing business and find cheap overseas ‘talent’. Unfortunately, that ‘talent’ often leaves a lot to be desired, and the individuals are frequently paid an unlivable wage. It’s a profit-over-people vicious cycle.

But not at Troon.

Software Engineering Academy

Real Talent, Hard Work

By establishing an apprenticeship model with Troon Academy, we’re able to hire less-experienced employees with a strong academic record from rural communities in Pakistan.

Our 6-month apprenticeship is an accelerated program that creates outstanding software engineers and committed employees.

And it’s free.

Software Engineering Academy

Home Away From Home

We offer comfortable living quarters at the Troon office in Islamabad for those coming in from the countryside.

And it’s free.

Software Engineering Academy

Strong, Trusting Teams

We host regular team-building activities to help our staff form strong, trusting relationships. We want all employees to understand and share our values, and feel like they’re part of a team. We have a flexible scheduling system that helps staff balance their personal and professional priorities.

Software Engineering Academy

For a Better Tomorrow

Troon Academy has been designed to change lives. We are here to help underprivileged and underrepresented individuals develop in-demand skills in technology. We provide a bridge from classroom learning to real-world experience because when our students succeed, we all succeed.

Software Engineering Academy

Outsourcing, Troon-style

We hesitate to use the term ‘outsourcing’ to describe what we do because it’s not the traditional model.

We’re not employing cheap talent in Pakistan. We’re investing in infrastructure and creating a cohesive, capable team of developers.

We’re not working with faceless vendors. We’re collaborating with employees we consider family.

We’re not maintaining the status quo by hiring only men from the large cities. We’re making a conscious effort to hire deserving candidates from rural communities and women. Recognizing that only 11% of women in Pakistan are in tech, we’ve implemented an affirmative action focus towards greater parity in the industry.

Because your gender, economic status, or location shouldn’t determine your success in life.

It’s the polar opposite of unreliable, shoddy outsourced talent.

It’s outsourcing with a Troon twist. Better for them, better for us, and better for you.

Software Engineering Academy

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