Outsourcing carries a negative connotation. Many clients are, understandably, wary. They have been burned, or they’ve heard the stories of those who have. That is why we don’t outsource. Not in the traditional sense. We’ve reimagined the concept, shaping our culture and our processes so the practice delivers maximum benefit to our clients — and to our partners.

We Get It

Working in technology, you need a partner you can trust. You need someone who can understand your vision and goals and translate them into a comprehensive digital strategy. You need a point person you can hold accountable for delivering quality work, on time and on budget. You need someone who can answer your questions and who you can trust will ask you questions in return to ensure your solution is developed in the best possible way. And you need all of this at an affordable price that keeps you competitive in the market.

Over the last few decades, the answer ‒ and least to the budget aspect of this equation ‒ has been be foreign outsourcing, a.k.a. offshoring. However, with outsourcing actually achieving this experience has proven difficult.

It’s difficult to encounter a client in the technology space who hasn’t had a poor experience with traditional outsourcing: typically, this experience involved a partner with so-so English, living in an inconvenient time zone, who failed to secure a solid understanding of a project’s parameters and deliverables before delivering a sub-par product or “going silent” and missing critical project deadlines.

How Is Troon Different?

Our philosophy on outsourcing — on everything, for that matter — is that we cannot develop effective solutions without first developing strong relationships.

Our North American clients typically work directly with our North American employees. Together, we work in a convenient time zone to map your strategy, UI/UX, and project plan. Your project manager is here and held personally accountable for a job well done. In fact, with every project, we stake our personal and professional reputations on client satisfaction and a job well done.

And our team offshore? These are not faceless contractors or nameless vendors. They’re Mehboob. Sam. Ahsan. Mama Asma.

We have spent the time to lay down deep roots in Pakistan. With Troon, our employees not only find employment; they find security. A place to live, training, opportunities to advance. Oftentimes, we hire from villages hours outside Islamabad, and our people come from poverty. With a company — a home — that feels like family, they can adjust, learn, and incubate themselves.

When we onboard new staff, we look at personality and fit first before technical ability. We look for passion. Skills can be taught; drive, self-motivation, commitment, courageousness — they are innate, and that’s what we want.

We’re not outsourcing to Pakistan. We are investing in our partners there. It’s not done out of a relentless drive for profits or greed, but for the betterment of their lives, our lives, our client’s lives, their end-users’ lives… humanity.

We started with the “why,” to borrow from Simon Sinek. The “why” is people. Then we could focus on identifying and implementing the “hows” and “whats” — the processes and the organizational structures — to tie it all together.

Benefits of Outsourcing Troon-Style

Bottom line question: How do our culture and processes benefit you?

  • Cost. Lower costs mean that we can be remarkably flexible. For smaller brands, this is a game-changer. You don’t have to be big pharma to implement powerful business solutions.
  • Reliability & Accountability. We will produce and deliver what we say we are going to produce and deliver. We have a track record of successful projects that attest to this.
  • Quality. The work speaks for itself. It’s not “good enough,” or even “good for outsourced.” It’s solid, results-generating good for your business.

And we hope another significant benefit is feeling a part of our commitment to betterment, to improving not only business outcomes but people’s lives.

Does this sound like outsourcing as you know it? No? Good! It’s outsourcing, partnering, the Troon way.