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The Making
of a Modern
Success Story

The secret to building a better business? Relationships With clients, partners, and employees.

There’s an old adage about outsourcing a project: Good, fast, or affordable. Pick two.

Can’t you have all three? Not according to conventional wisdom. Over the years, foreign outsourcing has developed a less-than-stellar reputation for missed deadlines, running over budget, sub-par deliverables, and partners with imperfect English and understanding of the project parameters.

Paul Dube, Chief Technology Officer at Troon, knows that frustration all too well. A long-term entrepreneur, Paul was struggling to find a trustworthy developer to bring an app idea to life in late 2009.

After too many broken promises and failed attempts with others, his search eventually connected him with Muhammad Mehboob in Pakistan.

And the seeds for what would become Troon Technologies were planted.


Paul was taken with Mehboob’s energy, talent, and friendliness. Mehboob was impressed with Paul’s technical knowledge and ability to find the ‘how’ behind ideas. 

The connection between the two was instant and comfortable, with each respecting and trusting the other’s abilities almost immediately. 

So when Mehboob suggested going into business together just a couple of years later, Paul was all in.

Troon Technologies was founded by Paul, Mehboob, and David Mancuso in 2012.


That was the message Paul sent at 8pm in Toronto. Working on a numerology system for Troon’s very first client, he’d hit some trouble and reached out.

On the other side of the world, it was 7am in Pakistan and Mehboob was on his way to his hometown. His response:

“I am here. Let’s get to work.”

Collaborating on a poor connection with lagging communication, the pair managed to find a solution together. It was only then that Paul heard something unusual come across on the line…


Mehboob had hopped off the bus taking him home, climbed to the roof of the nearest house for a better connection, and worked through the early morning hours to help his business partner and friend.

That’s how you build a connection. That’s how you build a relationship. And that’s how Paul and Mehboob have built this company.

Over time, our senior team has expanded to include serial entrepreneurs (Paul, Mehboob, David, Kerry, and Jeff), a seasoned marketer with 25+ years of experience (Kerry), a sales and go-to-market guru with a background in B2B software product startups experts in the healthcare technology space (Jeff), software engineers and visionaries with an uncanny ability to anticipate system requirements (Paul and Mehboob), and an award winning UI/UX design team.

Troon may have grown, but the commitment to our clients is still the same: we’ll do whatever it takes to help you succeed and realize your ideas.

We’ve climbed to the roof before, and we’ll do it again.


Mehboob leads our team of developers in Islamabad, Pakistan. They’re not unknowns. They’re not faceless vendors on the web. They’re Figar, Ahsan, Asma and Husnain.

They’re Family.

We provide more than just a job for our employees. We’re providing stability, security, accommodation, and professional development opportunities. We’re invested in their success as much as we are yours and our own.

When we hire, we look beyond simple skill, as that can be taught to anyone. We’re more interested in personality. We want to see passion, commitment, self-motivation, drive, and courageousness.

Our offshore team in Pakistan works under the direct guidance of Mehboob, who collaborates with your project manager here in North America, who is accountable to you, your project, and your success.

It’s outsourcing that puts the traditional model on its head: affordable, reliable, and high quality. It’s not ‘good enough’ or ‘good for outsourced’. It’s just very good, period.

That’s outsourcing, Troon-style.


Not too long ago, Paul had the chance to travel to Pakistan and finally meet the man he’d been working professionally with for seven years.

The man he’d logged thousands of hours talking and collaborating with online. Working on projects. Chatting about politics, marriage, culture, religion, spirituality, and much more.

And when they finally met in person at the Islamabad airport, it had all come full circle. Paul described it as a bromantic film. Mehboob’s family had never seen him so happy.

The visit included meeting the offshore team, too, and seeing the Troon facilities in Pakistan.

“Trust and connection are the foundation of the company. We built it slowly, making sure to put solid roots down. That’s the culture Mehboob and I have created. Our Pakistan team, particularly the women, say they feel safe and glad for the opportunities open to them. We’re doing something more than creating websites, apps, and technology. We’re doing something important.” ~Paul Dube

Troon is a family. Separated by distance, yes, but deeply invested in one another and on every level.

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