That’s what applications are for.

Computers are not born with innate abilities or personalities.
They need an app for that.

When people say app, they mean application and they often mean a phone app. But that is a fraction of the world of apps. Apps surround us, they make computers functional, the Internet of Things work. The World Wide Web is an app. Apps are applications, and applications are software, and software can change the way you do business, making you the game changer in your industry. That’s why apps are so important — and why so many people want to create them.

If you have an idea that will change the way your company does business by automating the solution, we can help. That’s what apps are for.

Examples of some of the applications we have developed:

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Jeff Neasmith

Jeff is Troon’s digital development guru. His previous experience includes launching, marketing and selling successful enterprise and retail software solutions like Vivonet, Cayenta and Yodlee. That experience led Jeff to create a distributed business model that practices lean software development. His team delivers expertly targeted solutions at extremely competitive rates.


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Our Process


  • Review your business goals
  • Determine how your new application will contribute to those goals
  • Agree on what makes you different/better than your competition
  • Get to know what makes your customer tick
  • Isolate the tactics that work best for your business


  • Wireframe: Draw a sketch of the application.
  • Architecture: Map how the application will flow and populate the database.
  • User experience (UX): Plan out how users will best use the application.
  • Timeline: Put together a plan to meet key milestones.
  • Brief: Create a document that will describe all aspects of the plan.


  • Set up and configure the database
  • Design the application user interface (UI)
  • Develop the application – code it on a secure demo site
  • Internal QA & Testing
  • External QA & Testing
  • Launch the application

Application Hosting & Governance

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Continuous Delivery & On-Going Integration
  • State of the Art Security Measures
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Bandwidth Management
    • Infrastructure Upgrades
    • Version and Bug Control
    • Daily Back-Ups
    • Ticket System


Our Work

When our clients are happy, we know we've done our job well. We're proud of our work.

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