We know what makes SMB’s tick….
after all, we are one.

Business moves faster than ever, and with new technologies being introduced each day, things continue to accelerate. The good news is that new tech can make your business grow and create new opportunities for you.

That’s where Troon comes in. Our core business is to keep up with advances on the Web. You don’t have to be the expert. That’s our role. We’re here to help you, advise you, and advance your goals. Hit us with your wish list, and we’ll deliver what you want, when you want it, ready to go, on time.

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Jeff Neasmith

Jeff is a driven collaborator who believes that true value comes when a diverse group of talented people share ideas and problem solve with a common goal in mind. Drawing on his experience leading Troon Technologies Jeff will collaborate with you, his team and partners alike to create smart custom software solutions that deliver on your business goals. Contact him now!


Carell Grass

President - Concept Growth Partners

Working with the Troon team has been an excellent experience. Troon not only delivers on time, but more importantly was a trusted advisor throughout the website building process. Their expertise and accessibility helped the project run smoothly from beginning to end.

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