We are passionate about healthcare!

Whether it’s developing an application for a hematologist that can help people self identify as ‘at risk’ for a treatable blood disorder, educating nephrologists on new innovations in the treatment of CKD, or even helping reduce the hospital re-admittance rate for long term care facilities through a digital pharmacist tele-app. We are absolutely giddy about being a part of the third wave of digital innovation in the healthcare space.

At Troon we have the perfect combination of skills to provide smart custom digital solutions for whatever challenge or opportunity you have identified.

  1. 1Healthcare Industry Expertise

    Our team boasts two senior healthcare subject matter experts that will help you and our team navigate the complexities of your industry:


    Healthcare consultant and former pharmaceutical sales representative and trainer. Dave leverages his experience, connections and knowledge about the healthcare industry to help deliver the best possible solution.

  2. DAVID

    A partner in Troon Technologies and former Executive Director of Westover Retirement Community. David’s exposure to the many stakeholders in the long term care space provides perspective and insight into target personas and strategic communication.

  3. 2Marketing and Business Savvy

    No application exists in a vacuum, your digital solution needs to work to fulfill goals, extend brand engagement or educate specific audiences. Enter the Troon Senior Marketing & Business Strategy Team:


    Jeff’s experience launching, marketing and selling successful enterprise and retail software solutions like Vivonet, Cayenta and Yodlee is transferred to all the Troon initiatives. Jeff ensures strong strategic thought goes into all applications

  4. KERRY

    Kerry’s 20+ years of experience in strategic communication, marketing, UX and UI ensures that your digital software solution is on message, on strategy and built with the target audience in mind.

  5. 3Software Engineering Prowess

    Every application needs a strong development team and at Troon we boast over 20 exceptional software engineers with a variety of skill sets at the ready. Our lean strategy and distributed business model also allows us to quickly scale for those projects that require more resources which allows us to be nimble and responsive to your needs.

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Jeff Neasmith

Jeff is Troon’s digital development guru. His previous experience includes launching, marketing and selling successful enterprise and retail software solutions like Vivonet, Cayenta and Yodlee. That experience led Jeff to create a distributed business model that practices lean software development. His team delivers expertly targeted solutions at extremely competitive rates.

Healthcare Solutions Troon has Created:

Specialty Associations01

ChallengeDemonstrate thought leadership and aggregate
resources for association members and the public

SolutionWebsites, Webinar Scheduling Portal Application


Long Term Care04

Challenge1. Digital integration of new technologies 2. Knowledge sharing and upgrading

SolutionWebsites, Telemedicine application


Paula James

Lets Talk Period

Working with Troon Technologies and the ICI Medical Communications team has been fantastic! They bring a wealth of energy and experience to their work, and have custom designed the tools we need.

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