At Troon, we know the score when
it comes to agency outsourcing.

Our team boasts over 30 years of collective agency experience among our members, giving us firsthand experience with the challenges that agencies face every day. And above all, we know how hard it is to tackle these challenges on your own.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You have too much work on your plate for your in-house teams to handle, creating a development bottleneck and forcing you to pass up on work.
  • You can’t scope projects accurately, as you don’t have the expertise to translate technical development considerations into plain language for your end clients.
  • You already outsource your development, but the high costs, communication challenges and inaccurately quoted projects are eating away at your margins.

If so, don’t worry—Troon is here to help.

Bottom line:
If it works for you, it works for us.

Troon offers a full range of services to benefit agencies of any size. From beginning to end, each of our clients customize their own development strategy to guarantee that their specific needs are met.

Benefits for Agencies

Why choose Troon as your outsourced development resource?

We offer the highest level of development efficiency at the most affordable industry rates, thanks to our unique near-sourcing strategy.

Troon’s business model features a unique combination of local, North American management and overseas talent that provides our clientele with the best of both worlds. This strategy keeps prices low and quality high—guaranteeing that each of our client agencies receive an outsourcing partnership unlike any other on the market.

This partnership promises significant advantages to your operational efficiency:

Our low overhead keeps your margins high and your business profitable. Competitive industry rates are a cornerstone of our service.
FLEXIBILITY Our sophisticated resource management gives us the flexibility to accommodate nearly any turnaround time your clients need.
SIMPLICITYForget the headaches of evaluating prospective developers, paying employee turnover costs, and maintaining organizational health. We’ll handle the details for you.

Because of how our full range of services is structured, agencies benefit by being able to mix and match services they need at a given moment. This customization eliminates wasted budgets from bundled services that aren't needed at a given time (or ever!), and efficiently maximizes the dollars spent:

Troon specializes in customizing solutions to meet any business need. Our team benefits from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences that give us insight about the fine details while still keeping the big picture in mind. From programming expertise in a multitude of languages to project scoping that clearly outlines timelines and resource management, Troon will be with you every step of the way.

Want to talk to a real person? Contact Our Agency Expert.

Contact our Agency Expert

Jeff Neasmith

Jeff is Troon’s digital development guru. His previous experience includes launching, marketing and selling successful enterprise and retail software solutions like Vivonet, Cayenta and Yodlee. That experience led Jeff to create a distributed business model that practices lean software development. His team delivers expertly targeted solutions at extremely competitive rates.


Patrick Hopkins

President - Greenroom Interactive

We made a decision early on to focus on helping our clients drive growth through inbound marketing. A necessary piece to crafting successful campaigns is a reliable and competent web development team. We have found that and more with the Troon team. Our partnership with them has allowed us to focus on what we do best, knowing that we have them to step in and help us execute on development projects. We have worked with the team for both wordpress and hubspot CMS projects and are always extremely satisfied with the end result. Their ability to quickly grasp what we are trying to accomplish, suggesting the best course of action and getting the project started is impressive. When they don’t know a technology they are very willing, in fact eager to dig in and learn it in order to execute. This was the case with Hubspot development. Troon took a deep dive into understanding the CMS and the result was a quick ramp up and site delivery. In may development projects there are bumps in the road, how people respond to those bumps is the key differentiator in my mind and that is where Troon truly excels. If something isn’t working quite right or the client had a slightly different vision they adjust quickly and make it happen. It often feels like we have our own in house team. Whether hashing out project details or addressing an urgent matter related to a past project their team availability is impressive. A phone call or jumping on skype happens in hours not days. Projects are on their schedule in days not weeks. Months have gone by where they haven’t worked on a site and they are quickly back up to speed remembering the business needs and working with us to execute our vision.

Our Work

When our clients are happy, we know we've done our job well. We're proud of our work.

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