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Every Great Business Started With An Idea

Ready For Takeoff?

There’s a little entrepreneurial spirit in all of us. And we’re proud to be at least one small part of the story with our clients and partners.

Every famous company – Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google – started with nothing more than an idea. Every successful startup begins with a simple solution or intention to introduce something new.

A challenge. An opportunity. A gap. An itch. They see something missing or something that could be better, faster, or more efficient and an idea begins to take shape.

But that’s where many get stuck. They lack the technical know-how or experience to bring it from concept to reality.

At Troon, that’s literally our business.

Our Work with Startups

A typical entrepreneur is a jack-of-all-trade. They have ideas. They see potential everywhere. And they wear a lot of hats.

They might know a lot about what needs to be done, and how to do it. Or they might know very little. Either way, Troon is ready to work with them, supplying whatever level of support and expertise they need.

Our partnerships have run the gamut of the startup spectrum:

  • Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like Billy Shawn at Eventspot
  • University students like those in Queens MEI program
  • Incubator or Accelerator members like The Entrepreneurs Center in Ohio
  • Blockchain businesses like Liquidus

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

At Troon, we’ve collaborated with a wide range of businesses in a wide range of industries on a wide range of web applications. Check out some of our real-world examples and results.

See Our Work

Why Partner With Troon

Many of our past collaborations have revolved around custom application and/or mobile application MVPs, prototypes, or Beta products, in addition to website creation.

With Troon, startups can partner with an established digital innovation company that was itself a scrappy startup at one point, and now boasts an experienced team of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and marketers.

So whether you need a little or a lot, we’re confident our team can get the job done on time and on budget. Together, we’ll map it, build it, test it, tweak it, market it, and more.

Troon is your one-stop startup shop.

Hire a Developer

Sometimes, you need just a little technical support. Sometimes, you have much if not most of your vision mapped out and planned. Sometimes, you’re ready, willing, and able to manage a project yourself, but you’re looking for a proficient, reliable developer to round out your team. Enter Troon.

Our developer-on-demand service can connect you with the perfect match. Senior-level talent at a price up to 50% less than you’ll pay elsewhere.

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