KnowledgeShare United, Inc. (KSU) is excited to announce their partnership with Troon Technologies, a leading software, mobile app, and blockchain development and technology solutions provider with significant experience in the design and development of healthcare technology products. Together, they will continue to improve KSU’s ability to deliver continuing education for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) across America. 

The Cause for Change…

CRNAs are some of the most highly skilled, cost-effective, and safe anesthesia providers. From operating rooms to labor and delivery, to chronic pain management, CRNAs safely provide over 49 million anesthetics each year. Their value was underscored this year as their advanced airway and ventilator management skills were in extremely high demand during the COVID-19 crisis.  These advanced practice nurses need high quality, relevant, and effective ongoing training when they need it, not on the schedule of others. 

In August 2016, the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) and the National Board of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) made significant changes to the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) program for CRNAs.  These modifications were designed in response to changing accreditation requirements; evolving needs within the healthcare industry; the increasing role of CRNAs in the healthcare ecosystem; and technological advances that provided ripe opportunities for innovation. 

The new Program placed additional demands on CRNAs to maintain their national certification and state licensure.  As the spouse of a CRNA, KSU’s President Don Croad saw the strain that finding and attending conferences and lectures had on his wife’s already busy schedule.  He knew he could provide a solution to this problem and decided to take action.

The Platform: Progress to Perfection

Working closely with leaders of the AANA and NBCRNA, the KnowledgeShare United CRNA learning management platform was designed to deliver high quality, flexible, and on-demand accredited Continuing Education (CE) credits to CRNAs across the country. 

Together with the team at Troon Technologies, KSU has developed a safe, secure, and intuitive cloud-based platform that delivers Class A, Class B, Core Modules, and conference-based programs for the CRNA CPC program.   

 The KnowledgeShare United platform enables CRNAs to:

  • Take CEU Classes Anywhere, Anytime ‒ The most flexible solution on the market, KSU enables CRNAs to register, securely pay for, and take CEU courses online whenever and wherever is most convenient.  The mobile-friendly system means learning can happen anywhere.  
  • Focus on Relevant Learning – With KSU, continuing education decisions are no longer based on scheduling needs; they can be made based on the interest, value, and development opportunity a course provides. Now, CRNAs can learn about the topics that matter most.   
  • Access High Quality Content – The KSU platform brings together industry-leading experts covering hundreds of topics, all delivered in a clear, compelling, digital format. 
  • Save Money ‒ CRNAs can take the same high-quality content offered onsite at conferences and convert them to on-demand classes (PDIS programs) – saving money on travel expenses and time away from home and work.  

The KnowledgeShare United platform also creates significant opportunities for organizations (State Associations, Core Module providers, CE vendors, etc.) including the ability to: 

  • Extend the Impact and Investment of In-Person Events Live conference-based training sessions can be delivered in an on-demand format, reaching CRNAs that are unable to attend in person.  The platform provides a robust, flexible, and scalable solution that will fit any size organization. 
  • Increase Non-Dues Revenue ‒ By providing online learning through the KSU platform, State Associations can create additional revenue streams to help support ongoing, strategic initiatives.  
  • Deliver More Value ‒ The platform helps organizations offer the best possible courses on-demand through an easy and intuitive interface.  From registration to payment, to viewing, to assessments and tracking, every detail is delivered through flawless user experience.
  • Fully Managed Platform KSU offers a fully-managed platform providing administrative, operational, and maintenance tasks so State Associations can focus on the professional interests of their members.    

The Future of KSU & Troon Technologies

Troon Technologies adds significant bench strength to the KSU team, bringing decades of healthcare technology experience; a proven track record of developing robust software and technology solutions; and a team of trusted advisors who will strengthen both the strategic roadmap and performance features of the KnowlegeShare United platform. 

David Mancuso, President of Troon Technologies U.S. said, “Troon Technologies has been looking for strategic partnerships. With the demand for accredited online learning options at its highest, Troon feels that Don and his impressive KnowledgShare United platform is a great fit. We look forward to helping to provide high quality online learning options to healthcare professionals.”

Moving forward in this partnership, Troon and KSU will continue to adapt, expand and improve the platform’s offerings, including:

  • Live Webinar Capture and Conversion
    • Recording and converting webinar-based lectures and seminars into PDIS programs for on-demand delivery 
  • Expand Video Capabilities / Virtual Reality 
    • Improved streaming, high-definition and virtual reality capabilities to enhance the user experience of digital learning 
  • Interactive Assessments
    • Improved assessment options to include interactive testing and simulation-based scenarios 

Together, KSU and Troon Technologies are ushering in the future that – through partnering with State Associations, Core Module providers, and CE vendors – will provide CRNAs with everything they need to demonstrate and maintain compliance with the CPC Program.