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Blockchain Academy

Facing the Challenges of Tomorrow Today

In collaboration with leading institutions in Pakistan, Troon is offering a comprehensive online program that teaches developers how to code smart contracts on blockchain protocols and better serve their clients in a rapidly changing digital world.

Blockchain may be nascent technology, but its impact can be felt in many industries. It’s growing quickly but already changing. We need developers who not only understand it, but appreciate its evolution and can anticipate where it might go next.
Our goal is to create the blockchain incubator to provide the developers of tomorrow today.

The Curriculum

At the Blockchain Academy, students begin their training with a mix of self-paced custom reading materials on EOSIO (an open-source blockchain modular framework), IBM’s Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Ardor.

Content sections are broken down to cover topics that include infrastructure, tokens, wallets, smart contracts, and much more.



Once they’ve finished the required reading – acquiring a strong foundational understanding – student developers are provided with technical briefs and tasked with working on re-building existing blockchain components and modules. This is a low-risk way for them to apply their learning and enhance their technical skills.

These junior engineers can observe and ask questions of our senior engineers while working with them on various blockchain projects.

Our students get both the theory and practical application necessary to truly learn and master a subject.

Troon’s Blockchain Academy is built on that belief.


As early adopters in the successful use and implementation of blockchain, Troon is well situated to recognize what new developers do and do not need to know. We believe our blockchain curriculum provides the necessary skills for them to succeed today and tomorrow.

Our Junior Engineers are introduced to a wide variety of skills and tools:
  • Blockchain Architecture and Protocols
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Ricardian Contract Modules
  • Wallet Creation
  • Set up and Configuration to the Block Producer Testnet
  • The Troon Development Lifecycle (design, development, quality assurance, deployment, hosting and maintenance)
  • Code Management Tools (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket)
  • DevOps Process Utilizing Docker Containers
  • Programming Languages including C++, Solidity (smart contract development), Node JS, PHP (server side development), Vue Js, Angular Js, React Js, Swift for IOS, and Java for Android
  • And much more
Blockchain Academy

Our Partners

The Blockchain Academy is working with the National University of Science and Technology in Pakistan. NUST is recognized as a top computer science and information systems program, ranked 239th in the world.

A globally recognized educational institution and a trailblazing corporation on the frontlines of blockchain in the real world provide additional theory and practice for our students.

Our Process

Blockchain Academy
Blockchain Academy
Blockchain Academy
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