Successful entrepreneur and visionary Billy Shawn (of the Canadian Drugstore fame – tcds) had an idea for an application that is destined to disrupt the consumer event business. His idea had been validated in the marketplace and he needed someone to build it for him.

Troon Technologies worked with Billy to refine his idea, build the consumer and vendor logic flow, scope out the technical requirements create a brand and design an intuitive ux/ui for the application.



A new website was needed to communicate RXConcile’s key message as well how the telemedicine solution worked.

An easy to navigate website that informs and engages potential nursing home customers & investors on the Telemedicine application’s value


Lets Talk Period

Paula James is a researcher at Queen’s University and is a practicing hematologist for Kingston General Hospital. Paula is one of the best known hematologists in Canada and does a lot of research work on bleeding disorders and has a specific 110+ question survey that she does in a live setting that can qualify if a person has a blood disorder or not. To fund her research she applies for government grants based on past research results. The challenge that Paula has is that she can only perform 6 – 8 live surveys per month which provides her a very small sample size and also takes longer to collect information for her research which delays receiving grants.

Paula had Troon and ICI Medical Communications scope out how we could build her survey online as well create a landing page informing people why they would want to take the survey.


Flower Creations

Flower Creations worked on a proprietary eCommerce platform that didn’t allow them to customize the application to suit their needs. One of the issues they were encountering was having customers abandon their shopping carts late in the check out process.

A fully designed eCommerce solution that is customized to: reduce the steps in the shopping cart process, enable multiple shipping addresses, a portal for house accounts and integration with store Point Of Sale System.


Fitton Center

Fitton Center has several rooms in their building complex that they rent out for events which they manage through a manual process in an Excel document for booking, staffing and general resourcing. This manual system is very time intensive and inaccurate to manage causing a limitation in the amount of Events they could offer

Re-create the current excel file (P&L Statement and Invoice.xls) into a workable application that is capable of creating and producing individual P&L statements. These statements would be stored into the database as individual records which can be updated as needed.


Kirsch CPA

Kirsch CPA website was creatively outdated and had not been maintained. In addition, Kirsch was shifting their business focus to acquire more consultative based CPA work which needed to be reflected throughout the site.

Troon Technologies worked with Kirsch to develop a solid unique selling proposition as well as reasons to believe given their shift in business strategy. In addition, we distilled down the key decision making criteria for choosing a CPA firm and ensured these were easily accessible and prominent on their site. Strong CTA’s and data capture points were integrated in order to set Kirsch up for lead generation.


Castle Learning

Castle Learning offers a comprehensive instructional support platform for in class, homework, review, and testing available both online and offline. Their website was outdated and difficult to navigate.

Troon Technologies and Greenroom Interactive completed a full site evaluation of over 400 pages and put together a strategic and intuitive site structure that captured their large volume of information in an organized and easy to navigate fashion. In addition, a new design was implemented that built on their existing logo and modernized the look/feel of the site. After refining the unique selling proposition as well as features and benefits with the client the Castle learning messaging was prioritized strategically though out the site including the strong brand advocate testimonials featured on most pages.



Unifreight needed a new fresh look to their website that represented their international freight forwarding service offering properly.

A dynamic web presence that not only engaged prospects but interacted with them via the intuitive shipping time calculator we had built and the frequently asked questions (F.A.Q) placed strategically throughout the website.


Midwest Property Pros

Being a new business MPP had the challenge of building a brand that properly communicated all their different construction and contractor services.

A dynamic web presence that engages prospects through service descriptions and strategic Calls To Action (CTA’s) for them to sign up for a free consultation.


Air Authority

Air Authority needed a new fresh look to their website that represented their brand and service offering properly.

A dynamic web presence that engages prospects through service descriptions and strategic Calls To Action (CTA’s) for them to sign up for a free consultation.


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